Beyond Blogs and Social Networks Conference

posted on Nov 13, 07:52 PM in Social Software

I will be attending the Strategic Research Institute’s Beyond Blogs and Social Networks Conference on December 1-2 in Jersey City, NJ. This seems like an interesting conference that will cover how businesses can make use of Social Technologies:

Online networks and communities are the new meeting grounds. They are considered the new power lunch tables and the new golf courses for business life in the U.S. Companies are using the Internet-powered services to tap into the collective intelligence of employees, customers, and outsiders, transforming their internal operations.

Businesspeople are starting to use online communities and blogs as a way to find business clients, new partners, and jobs, through virtual contacts they make online.

Instead of conducting focus groups or other potentially time-consuming research, blogs allow executives to monitor consumer feedback and reactions to almost anything—in almost real time. Blogs, which are essentially online journals, now dominate companies’ PR strategies, which may also include RSS feeds and podcasting. They are part of a ‘social software’ toolkit that includes blogs, relationship management software, file-sharing, advanced contact managers, virtual communities, web conferencing and instant messaging.

They’ve even set up a blog that seems to have some interesting suggestions.