sociableCHAT is a high-performance, next-generation graphical chat application that optimizes group conversation online. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, sociableCHAT enables both chat novices and experts alike to interact comfortably.


sociableCHAT features unique “Hearing Range” technology that enables users to hold public and private conversations within the same chatroom.

The sociableCHAT server and applet is optimized for use on WiFi networks, and provides advanced features for location-aware chat.


Site administrators can customize the sociableCHAT environment with a custom login screens and custom colors to match any website.


The sociableSERVER system is provided free-of-charge for personal use as well as for free, public-access wireless networks. Free, public-access wireless networks, like NYCwireless, are community oriented wireless data networks built around WiFi technology, and provide free access for anyone.
sociableCHAT works on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platforms within most web browsers that includes Netscape (Windows, Mac OS, and Unix), Internet Explorer (Windows and Mac OS), and Safari (Mac OS X). sociableSERVER, the sociableCHAT chat server, is built with Java 2 technology and can be installed on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux servers for easy installation and integration with any server environment.


sociableCHAT is based on ideas pioneered by the online social interaction research community. Look at sociableCHAT History to find out about related research projects.


Please email support for any support or service issues.
Please email sales for commercial or business licensing.